E-bike rental – 1 day 30€
E-Bike rental – 2 days 50€
E-Bike rental – 3 days 60€
Every next day 18€

Rental of bicycle helmets, child seats for bike and bicycle bags (if available) is free of charge.

If you want to rent several bicycles over a longer period of time, please contact us at or by phone at 00386 (0) 31 809 474.

A fee of € 1.50 / km is charged for the delivery and pick up of bicycles at another location.

All prices are in euros. All prices are exclusive of VAT, as we are not taxable in the sense of paragraph 1, Article 94 of the ZDDV-1.

The price list comes into effect on 01.03.2024.

Price list in PDF format.

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